How we market you

Broad Marketing Objectives

  • To actively market your establishment / venue or service on a continuous basis to both the international and domestic tourism markets within South Africa.
  • To source better access to the local and international markets by making use of knowledge gained through the local agents.
  • To make every effort to ensure that the Choice Getaways portfolio becomes an invaluable source of information to Tour Operators and Travel Agents for holidays, weekends away and corporate travel, as well as to Professional Conference Organizers for conferences, events, incentives and team-building.
  • To source for opportunities that will create a greater awareness of your accommodation and services represented by Choice Getaways.
  • To establish a reliable and efficient link between the tour operators, travel agents, corporates and PCO’s by giving regular feedback.
  • To ensure that any information given out regarding your establishment is consistent and presented in a professional manner.
  • To maintain and improve on existing relationships with tour operators, travel agents, corporates and PCO’s by providing the support required to help them produce business to your establishment.
  • To source new contacts / business opportunities within the industry that have previously been unaware of your establishment.
  • To ensure that marketing efforts ultimately result in building relationships with specific travel agents, tour operators, corporates and PCO’s who are able to produce bookings.
  • We will liaise with you and your ‘team’ to update the needs and requirements of the markets targeted and ensure that the “major players” of these markets are always aware of what you have to offer.

You will receive a monthly activity report from Choice Getaways, which needs to be followed up on and processed by you. I.e. Record details onto your database and send out rates and make special deals when required – often getting the opportunity to feature your property on their website or newsletters / e-mailers. Following up by e-mail and / or with a phone call. Sending them specific information that they require.


Targeted Marketing

Tour Operators, Local Wholesalers, Professional Conference and Event Organizers, Corporates and Travel Agents.

Appointments and reports:

When attending an appointment a laptop presentation is given. Questions will be asked as well as answered and a hardcopy of our portfolio will be left with them to keep.

After the meetings we send them a follow up e-mail with what was discussed and the ‘Choice Getaways Portfolio summary’ (please note that your own follow ups must still be done). We do not simply ‘drop off brochures’. Our meetings are always pre-scheduled and professional. All our meetings (25 – 30 per month) are recorded in a detailed report which our clients receive monthly by the 4th of each month.

Inbound Tour Operators:

The local tour operators will form a major part of marketing efforts to increase your business.

A list of operators which we obtained from SATSA, the ITB Trade Shows, Indaba and the WTM Trade Show which we have been attending for years will be used and regularly updated.

In our meetings with the TO we ensure to obtain the following information and outcome:

  • The nature and source of their business. It will also be established as to whether or not the operator or agent specializes on a specific market i.e. corporates / incentives /groups or Fit’s etc.
  • The correct contact persons and their designated departments i.e. which consultants deal with FIT market, which consultants deal with groups and who is the contracting or product manager etc.
  • The appointment will be used not only to establish a good contact, but also to gather information i.e. collect information, dates for planning of new itineraries, how often and when new contracts with lodges are negotiated.
  • To ensure that an opportunity for future follow up calls and training / presentation is provided.
  • To leave every appointment having made a positive impression, passing this information on to your GM /sales manager being one step closer to establish an ongoing successful working relationship.
  • Keep in mind that there is a high level of information overdose to the consultants and the only way a difference can be made is by constantly reminding them of your property and building a relationship with them. We feel we achieve this as we have been part of this industry for many years and have built up strong relationships and continue to establish new ones which are invaluable.
Overseas Tour Operators & Agents:

International Calls: When calling on overseas based Tour Operators the following information is obtained:

  • Do they produce a brochure that features Africa as a destination?
  • Who their inbound partners are?
  • Is the selection of hotels/ activities used decided by themselves or by their inbound partner?
  • Dates when new itineraries and/or contracts with hotels are negotiated.

International contacts will be established during and sometimes also after international trade shows such as ITB (Berlin) etc. (depending on which ones we will be attending for the year). In order for you to be represented at international trade shows an additional fee will be charged. (Ask us for the show and workshop rate sheet).

Domestic Tourism:

Travel Agents and The Corporate Market:

Choice Getaways call on Travel Agents to ensure that they are updated on any changes and to remind them of what you have to offer.  When calling on them the following procedure is followed:

  • Regular calls and presentations / training to the head office and branches to maintain a presence and awareness.
  • We obtain the necessary information that you require to work with. i.e. what type of travel do they book?; do they book conferencing and meetings? Do certain consultants deal with certain ‘corporate accounts’? etc.
  • Feedback regarding:
    • Any promotional activities run by Agents
    • Compliments / complaints received by agents from clients
    • Monthly report regarding call progress.
  • We will call on specific corporates that you suggest we see on your behalf.
  • Many of the major corporations in South Africa have their own “in-house” travel agent or agencies and can produce a fair amount of business, leisure travel and conferencing.
  • Some travel agencies that are called on are purely corporate based and not leisure.
  •  We also call on a few corporate companies that do not go through a travel agency or have their own “in-house”. Instead the secretary; PA; marketing manager; procurement manager handle all the companies travel arrangements and/or conferences and meetings. However we have realized that the majority do book through agencies.
  • Corporate companies are great to deal with as they often also require conference destinations. Many companies offer staff incentives that include trips within South Africa.

E-mail addresses & contact details:

The email address and details of whom we meet with will be given to you in the form of a monthly activity report. It is very important for you to build up your database from all these contacts and keep them informed and updated and to build your own relationship with them.
We market / open the doors for you and it is up to you to do your follow ups and turn it into a sale. Remember that Choice Getaways do the face to face marketing and opening of doors and not sales!

E-mail marketing:

I would also like to point out that a lot of our marketing is done through e-mails and telephonically. We do however not put each call and e-mail into a report (to send to you) because this would be too time consuming. Please however keep in mind that this is being done.


“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.”

“Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.”

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.”

“Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth.”

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