Adventures with Elephants

Welcome to Adventures with Elephants

Offering way more than the usual ‘Touch and Feed’ elephant experience; Adventures With Elephants provide unique hands-on Elephant Interactions, Elephant-back Rides, Swims on the Elephants, as well as Tailor-made Activities such as weddings, teambuilding, corporate functions and filming.

Located on a beautiful wildlife reserve situated just an hour’s drive north from Pretoria, adjacent to Zebula Country Club, Adventures With Elephants is managed by the Hensman family who have been extremely privileged to live and work with elephant since 1988. They offer you the thrill of hands-on interactions with these magnificent pachyderms and invite you into the elephant’s world where you can learn more about elephant in this unique manner whilst witnessing the elephant’s intelligence, compassionate nature and sheer delight in interacting with their human companions. Their friendly, experienced and qualified elephant handlers will share their in-depth knowledge and passion for their charges with you our guest, in this unrivalled and extraordinary experience.

What to expect:

An honest mind-blowing experience, good company and great elephants!

A Visitors Experience:

The Adventures with Elephants has been one of the most amazing experiences I have enjoyed in a very long time, and I just wanted to thank you both sincerely for organising it, inviting me and for taking me a long.  It was just one of the most exciting days ever.

I think Adventures with Elephants offers a brilliant and enriching educational experience,  I learned so much about Elephants, plus the interaction with them was just so special and unique. It gives one huge respect for these giants. … lol… you see I can still not stop talking about it, or smiling everything I think about it.  Amanda Vermeulen: Matumba Safaris.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: D1000 Rd, Mabula District, Bela-Bela, 0480, South Africa (map)
Telephone No: +27 14 734 7730 /+27 79 431 7655 / +27 14 734 7700
(After Hours) +27 79 431 7655


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