Blue Ocean VR

Blue Ocean VR offers corporate events including informal-social and team building activities.

How well can your team communicate with a ticking bomb in front of one while the other explains how to defuse it?

We boast out-of-this-world experiences such as simulations of the Apollo Moon Landing, or Summiting Mount Everest. All applications are strong builders of communication, such as a bomb difusal, as well as group and team building in a personal way. Alternatively we have action packed multiplayer shooting games, or snow skiing for the more adventurous. You can find attached a list of our popular or recommended experiences that we can demonstrate to you.

We can come to your offices, function venue or school!!

Practice industry specific problem solving and drive for targets with no physical danger to hinder progress.
With much more in-store we encourage you to take part in an event at Blue Ocean VR and take your staff from professional to elite!

Some suggested experiences for your corporate function

EVEREST VR™ (Experience what it feels like to climb Mount Everest and see the sunset on the summit.)

Space Pirate VR (Become a Space Pirate and fight off waves of droids while having fun.)

Bullet sorrow VR (In the near future 2030 1st person shooting game. Teleport and Freeze time!)

The Blu (Interact with our sea animals and see how it is to be in their world.)

Audio Shield (Enjoy music? Choose a song and start moving to the beats of shield punching!)

Raw Data (1st person shooting game where you fight off robots and steal as much raw data as possible.)

Fancy Skiing VR (Have fun while skiing and try your best to avoid the obstacles and extra points for DEERS!)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (One player is trapped in a virtual room with a bomb and the experts sitting outside need to help defuse the bomb before it goes off.)

Overkill (Army based 1st person shooting game to fight off a faction that wants everyone to follow and obey.)

Physical Address: Shop F2 Bedford Square, Cnr Smith Rd and Van Der Linde Rd, Bedfordview, Gauteng, South Africa (Map)
Telephone:  072 733 5346


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